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Customized for your needs:

Legendary Guardians Exclusive Protection are community driven and assists you to establish a comprehensive security system which is not directed solely on partial problems but all problems.  We perceive security systems as complex structures that have impact on most areas of the company.  A well-adjusted security system protects property, information and reputation while playing an essential role in ensuring company’s continuous performance.

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LGEP is your number one choice for both individual & corporate clients in the whole of Gauteng.

The VISION reflects the Business Values, and essentially LGEP will provide peace of mind to its clients.

Our Services

LGEP delivers its services with pride; it continuously strives to exceed the client’s expectations by cross-pollinating best practices across industries. The Business operates 24/7 and actively participates in community initiatives that improve citizen safety and welfare. 

Our People are our product”.

Asset Guarding


LGEP provides safeguarding services and do visible patrols, looking after clients’ buildings, office premises, homes, commercial and industrial properties, complexes, airports, shopping centres / shopping malls as its personnel is specifically trained to match its client’s exact requirements.

All our Guards are PSIRA Registered.

Our Uniforms were designed for high-visibility and to communicate the desired image of protection, deterrence and safety.

Pacific Gold Services


Bike officers are able to quickly move over large areas while maintaining high visibility and deterrence.

They are able to penetrate and pass through crowds easily, enabling quick responses where vehicles would be hampered.

This is an excellent crime prevention service in cases of theft and any unwanted activities in our Parks.

Our Officers will roam the areas 24/7. This service is a perfect Crime Prevention to block areas off and to have eyes and ears 24/7.

Offsite Monitoring


Have peace of mind through 24-hour surveillance of your essential day to day systems and security.

We not only offer early warning and detection of security threats but we provide the capacity of placing surveillance in multiple locations and monitoring simultaneously.

You will have the opportunity to view your cameras in the comfort of your own homes or wherever you might find yourself.

Monitoring a current system is possible. Once the system is live, monitoring is immediate.

Roadside Protection


Should you be stuck on the side of the road you are welcome to contact LGEP.

It is a dangerous world out there and therefore we offer a free of charge service where we will drive out to you and assist you by waiting with you until your Roadside Assistance arrives.

Protecting you and your loved ones is our Number 1 aim.

Note this service is only available in the East Rand.

VIP Protection & Body Guarding


LGEP is providing Executive Protection Services and provides client/s with protection against specific and credible threats made against their person.

We provide security and protective services at high profile conferences and events, and provide enhanced security coverage at private residences.

All our professionals are certified protection professionals (CPP) and licensed experts at mitigating risk and ensuring your personal safety.

Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

Other Services


  • Personal Investigation
  • Care Foundation
  • Automated License Plate Recognition
  • Vehicle Tracking

Our Name Says It All!


Our special qualities set us aside from the rest. The word is favoured because it’s a famous word used by strong and steadfast people. We are unafraid and humble.


A Guardians main JOB is to protect. But its CALLING is to serve. No matter the storm, situation or request, we remain as steadfast and as strong as the guardians you need.


We don’t choose certain clients, but they will always feel like they have been chosen. We are committed to conducting and sustaining excellence in every form of deliverance. Quality will never deteriorate.


A sense of security and peace is formed. That is exactly what we want you to feel when you read this word in our name. Outside forces must not intimidate you because you know you have us by your side.

Our Mission

Provide Solutions : LGEP has a mission to provide professional and trusted private security services that assist individuals, businesses and non-profit organisations. Leading Brand LGEP will position itself to become the leading brand in the private security services industry in the whole of Gauteng.

Our Vision

Leading Service Provider : LGEP’s vision is to build a private security brand that will become the number one choice for both individual and corporate clients in the whole of Gauteng. The Business strives to achieve a crime-free country for all community members to be and feel safe in knowing that LGEP always goes the extra mile in delivering service excellence.

Our Values

Client Focused & Results Driven.
Integrity & Transparency.
Reliability & Service Excellence.
Respect & Professionalism.
Servant-hood & Teamwork.
Creating Value & Safety.

Our Success Stories

LGEP receives certificates for our dedication, commitment & support.

Why we do what we do

About us:

Legendary Guardians Exclusive Protection (Pty) Ltd. (hereafter known as LGEP) is a newly established Business that operates in the Security Industry. The Business is located in the East Rand, Johannesburg and will provide security services in this area as well as surrounding areas in the Gauteng Province.

With the community, LGEP is able to host Area Clean-Up and Family Fun Days as there is trust and that has been built. Additionally, the Business supports an organisation for abused woman and children through collecting donations / sponsorships on a weekly basis. LGEP has started managing WhatsApp Groups for every area that it created 3 years ago namely, Area Crime Prevention, Ward, Crime and Traffic groups, Missing Persons, Pet East Rand & Businesses East Rand.

The Business has a trustworthy one-on-one relationship with the community members, and it hosts weekly meetings with the ward councilor regarding service delivery issues and obtaining solutions to the problems.

LGEP will deliver its services with pride, it continuously strives to exceed the client’s expectations by cross-pollinating best practices across industries. The Business operates 24/7 and actively participate in community initiatives that improve citizen safety and welfare.

 “Our People are our product”. LGEP takes the time to carefully select each individual that possesses it’s shared values. The Business then takes the time to train each officer to believe they can make a difference and make people feel safe through their first impressions, their smile, deportment, manners and knowledge. Form routine operations to contingency planning and crisis management, the diversified services and advanced technology provided by LGEP will protect and safeguard our clients.

LGEP’s comprehensive needs analysis will address potential vulnerabilities from theft, vandalism, natural disasters, accidents (including fires, floods and hazardous materials) and events from terrorism.

The Business believes that if it is not measured it is not getting anything done. Through collaborating with its partners, LGEP always strive to exceed immediate local needs as well as meet the global demands of a world defined by increasing connectivity and convergence. Whatever the security service, the clients can count on LGEP’s expertise and experience to come through every time.


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