We Support PawsRehoming

About PawsRehoming:

Legendary Guardians Exclusive Protection have adopted PawsRehoming as our local Charity for Animals.

PawsRehoming, is a “home-grown”, and privately run initiative, a ONE WOMAN operation dealing with the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs and cats (though the odd goat, ducks, geese, horses and donkey have also been saved and successfully rehomed through PawsRehoming.)

What Does Paws Rehoming Do?

This ranges from saving stray animals at the roadside to actively pulling pets from dwellings where there is severe neglect and abuse.

This includes any medical/vet care required, vaccinations and sterilizations before any animal is rehomed. It also entails hands on attention, nurturing and TLC in pro-life animal shelters and foster care homes where rescued animals are placed/ to rehabilitate psychologically and physically before they are rehomed.

Extensive searches are done to re-home these animals with the RIGHT home. Thorough care is taken in pre and post homing checks to ensure the prospective adopting family (including their pets) and the rescue animal are a good fit. This is to ensure the animal is not potentially exposed to further trauma in its lifetime.

PawsRehoming is passionately and actively involved in the following projects: 

1) Helping poor households with donations of food, blankets, shelter (kennels) for their pets. Assisting with/facilitating sterilizations which the poorest simply can’t afford. 

2) Infiltrating informal settlements/squatter camps to either RESCUE ( permanently remove) animals from the dwelling or to provide support to pet owners in the way of food, blankets and shelter/kennels for their pets as well as dipping and de-worming on a regular basis. Basic education is given to owners of these animals regarding responsible pet care. Sterilization is a critical part of this outreach and owners are encouraged to surrender their pets for sterilization, after which the animals are returned to them. Vaccinations are provided wherever possible to prevent outbreak and spread of deadly disease/viruses. Where litters of puppies/kittens exist without the necessary care, PawsRehoming encourages owners to surrender these for rehoming. The breeding of animals in these settlements and elsewhere for the purpose of selling litters/financial gain is strongly discouraged and reported to the appropriate authorities (SPCA) if necessary. 

3) Basic food parcels are also given to the settlement dwellers themselves where possible. 

4) PawsRehoming is also involved in caring for feral feline colonies wherever possible (food/water/shelter). If possible, semi feral litters are taken to shelters to be homed and every attempt is made to try to capture and spay/neuter adult cats before returning them to their feral colonies. 

5) PawsRehoming provides shelter and care/rehabilitation to rescued animals as well as support to other pro-life animal rescue shelters and financial support, food, blankets, beds, and materials needed to build/extend/repair the kennels at these shelters as well as volunteering time to spend with the animals there that are desperate for attention and TLC while they wait to be adopted. 

PawsRehoming actively assists these shelters and other animal rescue net-workers in trying to find suitable homes for these animals as well as for pets that can no longer stay with their families due to varying circumstances but most often because the family is relocating and cant take animals with.

What is required?

1) Food (pellets as well as softs/tins for kittens and puppies or older animals that can’t chew hard food. Pawsrehoming distributes close to 1000 kg of dry dog food to starving animals in informal settlements around Boksburg / Benoni and surrounds every month. The need continues to grow. The cost is close to R 8000 per month for food alone and Pawsrehoming is desperate to secure a corporate/other monthly sponsor in this regard. 

2) Containers to hold food and water (2lt/5lt ice-cream tubs are great and cost nothing).

3) Blankets: The inexpensive grey woven-type (looks like under-felt) STORMY blankets from Pep are perfect for use (and don’t get stolen from the dogs in squatter camps).

4) Beds/kennels-large (to get animals off the cold/wet ground the animals, including new born puppies are sleeping on the ground and totally exposed to the elements all year round. Pawsrehoming has secured the help of a talented carpenter in Angelo Informal settlement. He manufactures sturdy/comfortable kennels (fits 1 large or 2 medium dogs). Please consider a cash donation / sponsoring towards this cost (R 200 per kennel). While providing shelter for animals in desperate need, it also gives this man a small income. 

5) Tick and flea collars for dogs and puppies.

6) Frontline / Dip/ (Tick and Flea powder for puppies).

7) De-worming tablets (Quantel or Tri-worm, from vets). The tabs in retail outlets are not effective against serious infestation of HOOKWORM which is common and deadly. 

8) Collars, leashes. 

9) Cash donations for vet bills > acute care: physical injury (broken bones/burn wounds, cuts, bites from dog fights), parvo, biliary and distemper are most common/spaying, neutering/vaccinations. This is a critical need and the largest expense at any given time. 

The very cornerstone of this outreach is to reduce and control overpopulation of animals/out of control breeding, which is at the heart of the suffering in informal settlements. 


PawsRehoming thanks you for your consideration and donation of any of the above wherever possible. For any donations please use one of the following options or you are welcome to contact us & we will arrange a collection.

Kennels & Blankets

You are welcome to help with expenses. Please ensure to reference you donation with “PAWS KENNELS” and your name/company name so that your deposit can be allocated accordingly! If you feel that you want to Donate.

Vet Expenses

You are welcome to help with expenses. Please ensure to reference you donation with “PAWS VET” and your name/company name so that your deposit can be allocated accordingly! If you feel that you want to Donate.


You are welcome to help with expenses. Please ensure to reference you donation with “PAWS FOOD” and your name/company name so that your deposit can be allocated accordingly! If you feel that you want to Donate.