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Our technicians have experience in all CCTV (IP & Analog), we deliver specialized and best effective CCTV solutions suited for each individual application.


An Intruder alarm system is a set of interconnected devices aimed at protecting your premises, against intruders and to notify the homeowner / business owner and the monitoring center of any violation of the protected zones.

We help you protect those who are most dear to you without burdening your daily household / business movement. 

Gate & Garage Automation

Garage door motors are like gate motors with regards to strength, battery backup, etc. Please enquire about your specific application – sectional, tip-up, or roll-up. Expandability includes intercom integration, safety beams, proximity reader access, and integration with other receivers.

Access Control

Physical access control restricts access to physical space within the business or organization or even your home – this type of access control limits access to rooms, buildings, and assets. Besides, physical access control keeps track of who is coming and going in restricted areas.

Contact us for all your ACCESS CONTROL requirement/s.


With clear audio quality and professional installation/s, our intercoms are a cut above the rest.

We await your call for further assistance!

Electric Fencing

It is our belief that Electric Fencing is the first line of defence against intruders trying to get into your premises therefore, your fence should be up and running
with full alarm notification of an incident, AT ALL TIMES. We build fencing for any requirement and specialise in big scale projects.


Medical Response & Fire Fighting Assistance:

A number of years ago, the community experienced difficulty in obtaining emergency medical services. The Precincts at that time made the decision to introduce a paramedic service for the benefit of their members. A vehicle was put in place and this vehicle is currently manned by LGEP MEDIC With fire fighting experience for more then 20-years service. Anyone who has made use of this service will be able to tell you just how competent and dedicated these paramedics are to the community. Supporting the precincts in the East Rand area, all patients are handled be it private or public hospitals. A response car and the assistance from ER24 ambulance, with a dedicated Precinct Medical Response vehicle exclusively for precinct clientele is available 24/7. All our staff are professionally and medically trained for any medical emergency, and fire fighting qualifications. By making use of the LGEP Emergency Number, 078 845 9071, you have immediate access to our services including any medical emergency requiring immediate medical treatment at your home or business. Should you need to be hospitalized, we will transport you to the nearest appropriate receiving hospital, although transportation to the hospital would be for your own account. We also offer any medical advice when needed. The paramedic vehicle responds to a large variety of calls, including chest pains, falls, motor vehicle accidents, attempted suicides, women in labour, and various other injuries / emergencies. We are also called to crime scenes to treat victims who have been assaulted by criminals. We currently attend to over 350 call-outs per month and this figure is constantly increasing. We offer these services to you 24/7. All patients are treated professionally and with dignity!